Keep checking your Body Weight as it is the Basis of Living Long

Keep checking your Body Weight as it is the Basis of Living Long

In Africa, people have a wrong perception that increase in body weight is a sign of satisfaction and wealth. In other parts of the world, this idea is a mistaken idea because excessive body weigh has been associated with risks such as heart failure, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you are a retiree at the age of 65 and above and thinking that gaining weight will make you appear like your health is good, then you are wrong. At your age, you need to keep your weight in check basically because it is not good for your health and wellbeing.

How will you know that your weight is not as per?

Thanks to the researchers and technology because we can now measure or find out whether our body weight is good. This can be done individually without the need to go to a health care facility. To check your weight, you need a body mass index calculators and a weighing machine. To do this, you measure your weight and your height. The ration between your weight and your height will be a basis of telling whether your weight is okay or not.If your  Get quotes for 2019 supplements at

What do you do if the ratio is beyond the accepted one?

If the MBI is not good, then the next thing you need to do devise ways of making sure that you are in control of your body weight. Unfortunately for some people, reducing the amount of food they eat may not be a solution to their body weight because even if they are starved, their body weights will still rocket. For such individuals, you need to employ heavy exercises such as weight lifting and long distance running. This is basically what we call keeping active.

Replacing sugary food or drinks with water and food with low sugar contents is also one of the perfect ways of making sure that your body weight is controllable. Sugars are a source of fats since excessive sugars are normally converted into fats within our bodies. With that idea in mind, it fortunate that we can check our own body weights and come up with strategies of making sure that our body weights are in check. As soon as you are able to control your body weight, you will be in a good position to avoid some of the opportunistic disease such as obesity.