3DS Emulator APK for Andorid, PC- Download Citra’s Nintendo Emulator

Nintendo 3DS emulator is one of the most popular and demanding gaming console manufacturers in the world from a very long time. Nintendo 3DS was largely released on 26 February 2011 in Japan as Well as in all over the world and also after  less than 6 months Nintendo also declares a substantial decrease in the cost. Nintendo, first of all, started trying out it’sb3D video game which is stereoscopic from the 1980s.

You can download Nintendo 3DS emulator for all devices like Android, apple iOS and PC platforms and all other platforms . In this emulator Citra allows you to run all of the Nintendo type 3DS Emulator games and experience the best Nintendo switch game and the best part is you need not to spend even a single rupee for getting it or using it to anyone. So , as we know that Nintendo is the most popular console maker in the world , you must have heard about the new Nintendo switch which has been come out this year in the market for its users . As it is composed of almost with the all gaming consoles, the Nintendo switch is very expensive for an average consumer and everyone can not afford it and this is the reason due to which developers has created the Nintendo 3DS emulator which is also known as the Citra emulator which can be played free of cost by you .

So , the people who are not able to pay such a high expense of Nintendo , they can play the Citra emulator or Citra 3DS emulator Android which allows you to gain it’s services free of cost and you will be definitely going to enjoy it . So it will be going to be the best option for those who are unable to pay high expenses .

Nintendo 3DS emulator was announced in 2010 for it’s release in the same year and was also very much appreciated and greeted by the awesome reactions from it’s users . Nintendo 3DS emulator allows it’s users to play Nintendo 3DS games with very high resolution and 3D graphics in your PC , iOS or Android or Mac . This 3DS emulator does not require additional 3D accessories or 3D glasses for playing the 3D effects of the game . The Nintendo 3DS emulator allows you to play almost all of the Nintendo 3DS games with very few errors and bugs in then on your PC , Android , apple iOS or Mac .

You can use the Nintendo 3DS emulator for playing Nintendo 3DS games on any of your available device  . It can also play classic games like Super Mario brothers , Top gun , Base wars , ice climber, pirates , mega Man 2 and many more of your choice or interest . Nintendo was already working a lot on some of the very best and popular apps and other features for which you were also been craving previously . From the time of developing of Pokemon Go to the creating a few other more apps and games , Nintendo has been always quite impressive in making it’s users busy and now the same is happening in the case of Nintendo 3DS emulator . Nintendo gives you the pleasure of playing all complimentary as well as the current game play in all of your devices or system.

Features of Nintendo 3DS emulator

1 . You can get all of the Nintendo games pre-loaded absolutely free of cost with Citra so that you will not be needed to buy anything . You just have to do one thing which is installing the game and play it .

2 . The game save feature in this emulator allows you to save your currently playing game and you can even continue the game after pausing it without any progress .

3 . Nintendo 3DS emulator has a feature of anti – aliasing which makes the game play as realistic as it is possible and it also works much better if the device on which you are using it has a very powerful graphics card just for a better play.

4 . The resolution of the game in this emulator is really very impressive and it will get adjust according to the desired preference of yours and can go up to the 720p .

5 . You can also play the multi player game with your friends and the network is also good which enables you the fluid online game play without any buffering issue if you are having a high speed internet connection.

6 . You will be going to get all of the Nintendo features with Citra for free of cost .

7 . Networks of this emulator are very good.

8 . This emulator supports the wireless controllers and the device’s microphone .

9 . It has the custom button layouts and key buildings.

10 . You can also do the auto – rotate landscape or the portrait orientation .

11 . This emulator has the feature of stretch to fit screen or the original aspect ratio .

12 . There are the best available 3D games in this emulator .

List of top 5 Nintendo 3DS emulator :

1 . DraStic DS emulator ( For Android ) – It is basically designed for the Android users can. The DraStic DS emulator is a best alternative for playing the classic Nintendo games directly on your Android devices . This emulator works best with the tablet , if you have one then it will be really going to be an amazing experience. DraStic DS emulator is a paid application which allows you to play the games with a lot of customization and you can also select the multiple designs and Orientation of the games.

2 . Citra ( for Windows and Mac ) – Citra is now a day the best Nintendo 3DS emulator which is available in the market specially for windows and Mac . With help of this Citra emulator you are bale to run your games in 3D graphics and can scale up the resolution . With the latest version of Citra , you can play your games at 60fps and 400*200 resolutions . This emulator will provide you the good user experience and a better game play as if you are playing on XBOX 360 .

3 . R4 3DS emulator ( for windows only ) – The another very good emulator in this list is R4 3DS which is only for the windows . This emulator has capability of playing almost all of your favorite Nintendo games . This emulator processes 3D graphics which are better than any of other emulator in this list . R4 3DS emulator uses the flash memory technique for copying the games at the moment . When you start it , a prompt will get appeared asking for inserting a cartridge . After it you have to select the game files and after selecting your games file you can also customize your keyboard shortcuts and can start playing your favorite games .

4. No $ GBA 3DS emulator ( For Windows only ) – This emulator is available for you free of cost to use for windows. This is another emulator for windows in this list . This Nintendo 3DS emulator is just up to the XP and Vista rendition of Windows . The paid version of this emulator is also available in the market at the purchase of $ 2.50 for its full version .

5 . DeSmuME ( For Windows only ) – DeSmuME is also the free Nintendo 3DS emulator which works for the windows and i is the main Nintendo 3DS emulator which allows you to run several commercial games . It the only emulator in this list which works with the only 32 – bit system of windows . This emulator works best because of its 32 – bit system and it is also very light weighted too.

How to Nintendo 3DS emulator Download For Android device

By following these steps you can download the 3ds emulator for android.

Step – 1 : First of all , you need to download the app file of 3DS emulator. You can download it from different external websites available on it or you can also directly go to the download site by just clicking on the below-mentioned link.


Step – 2 : Now after downloading the apk file of 3DS emulator go through the download 3DS Emulator section of your Android device and locate the downloaded file . Click on that particular file and open it .

Step – 3 : When you click on the apk file a new window will get open in front of you asking for the install of the 3DS emulator . Click on the install option which is present on the bottom down screen of your mobile device.

Step – 4 : Now , wait till the installing process gets completed before it you have to first if all make the access to unknown sources . For this , go to the settings of you mobile device. Open it and then scroll down to locate the option if security .

Step – 5 : After finding the option of security click on it and again scroll down to locate the option of unknown sources. Allow this option so that you will be able to install your APK file on your mobile device.

Step – 6 : After completing the above procedures you will successfully 3DS emulator download and install without any problem. Now enjoy your best and favorite games .

How to download Nintendo 3DS emulator on your Apple iOS device 

Step – 1 : First of all you have to download the iOS file of Nintendo 3DS emulator for your Apple device . You can download this file from any website or you can also go to the link provided below .


After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the download page from where you can download the iOS file of 3DS emulator iOS.

Step – 2 : Now , after downloading the iOS file of 3DS emulator go through the download section of your apple device and locate the downloaded file . Click on that particular file and open it .

Step – 3 : When you click on the iOS file a new tab will get open in front of you asking for the install of the 3DS emulator . Click on the install option which is present on the bottom down screen of your mobile device .

Step – 4 : Now , after installing the iOS file to your device first of all you need to click on the trust option . Fir this , go to the general option in your Apple device and their you will find an other option of profile . Click on it a new list will appear in front of you on the screen here you have to find the option of device management and then search for the app you have downloaded or installed . Now , click on the trust option present in the app .

Step – 5 : After , clicking on trust option you have successfully downloaded the 3DS emulator on your Apple device . Now , play and enjoy the Citra in your iOS device .

How to download Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC / Mac

Step – 1 : First of all you have to download the zip file of 3DS emulator PC. Fir downloading the Zip file of 3DS go to any of the downloading website or you can also click on the link provided below .


After clicking on the link you will be directly redirected to the download site of 3DS emulator . From here you can download the zip file .

Step – 2 : After downloading the zip file of 3DS emulator now you have to extract the zip file . Go to the download section and find out the zipped file then click on it for installing .

Step – 3 : Now , install the BIOS and read out all of the instructions carefully and follow then as they says .

Step – 4 : Next , you have to open the file and navigate it to the .3DS ROM for launching the game on your PC .

Step – 5 : So , just by following the steps above mentioned simple steps you will successfully download and install the 3DS emulator on your PC and can play your favorite games on it free of cost .

There is another method also by which you can download or install the 3DS emulator on your Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs

You can also get the 3ds emulator for pc by using the Android emulator. The best Android emulator you can use is Blue stacks which is capable of running all of the android apps in it . If you wanted to get the 3DS ROMs with help of Blue Stacks than following the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you need to download the Blue stacks file from any of the source or website . You can also go to the following link for getting the app file of Blue Stacks on your PC .


Step – 2 : After downloading the app file of Blue stacks next you need to install that file on your windows PC .

Step – 3 : Now , after installation open the Blue stacks and then sign in there with your Gmail account or id for downloading the apps from the Google play store .

Step – 4 : Now , next after signing in you need to download the app file of 3DS emulator on your PC . For downloading that apk file you can go to the following link it will directly let you to do the download page .


Step – 5 : Now , after downloading the apk file of 3DS emulator you have to install that apk file on your OC .

Step – 6 : Now , go to the downloaded file and open it with help of Blue Stacks .

Step – 7 : After completing the above procedures you will be able to have or rum the 3DS emulator on you PC with help of Blue stacks .

So , you will be going to get some of the very best and good working links with the Citra 3DS emulator download and along with that you will also going to get some free and pre-loaded 3D games which you are definitely going to love and even the flexibility of using the Nintendo 3DS emulator across different platforms. If you are always been willing to play or enjoy the 3D games on your Android device or your tablet or PC then you know that 3DS emulator will be the best and perfect choice for you.

Here , we told you a lot about the Nintendo 3DS emulator . What it does , it’s features and how you can download it for any of your device either it is Android smart phone or apple iOS or windows PC or Mac , you re able to get this emulator at every device and can play the best games with realistic 3D quality . We told you all of the very easy and simple steps of getting this emulator for your different devices , hope you will not be going to get any problem in downloading or installing Nintendo 3DS emulator . But still if any problem arises then do not get worried you can contact us we will be always here to help you and solving your queries . Hope you like it and enjoy it a lot. Keep downloading and playing these awesome games. Enjoy !

Frequently Asked Question’s ( FAQ )

Ques – 1: I wanted to know that is it legal to use the 3DS emulators?

Ans – 1 : Yes , absolutely it is legal to use the 3DS emulator . You are free to use the Nintendo 3Ds emulator as many as time you want free of cost and can play your favorite games with help of it .


Ques – 2: Am I able to use the Game Shark cheat codes on this emulator?

Ans – 2 : Yes , you can use the cheat codes of game shark as , this emulator is equipped with a Game shark plugin , which also places the Game shark cheat codes in it’s virtual memory of the emulator . So , you can use all of your favorite Game shark codes in this emulator without facing any problem . You are also free to use he editing cheats for enjoying your favorite games with full potential.


Ques – 3: I am facing some of the issues in playing a game on the 3DS emulator. What should I do?

Ans – 3 : We suggest you to try again after some minutes if you have encountered a lag in the gameplay. However, if the issue still remains then you can write to the 3DS emulators regarding your issue in detail . They will respond you shortly with the solution of your problem . Mostly many if the issues get automatically corrected or solved by 3DS by a special algorithm that checks your emulator at every couple of minutes.


Ques – 4: Am I able to emulate any Nintendo Game Boy, Game boy color, Game boy advance and Nintendo DS and 3DS games?

Ans – 4 : Yes, you are able to emulate and play all of the games with complete functionality just like you do on the native console . Whenever you choose any game , an instance of that game executed on 3DS servers and is get displayed directly on their website along with the virtual control keys for playing the game , you even do not have any need of downloading or installing the game .


Ques – 5: What kind of specifications are needed for running 3DS emulator APK or Citra?

Ans – 5: There are only basic requirements for running this emulator which are

  • A graphics chip which supports at least Open GL 3.3.
  • An operating system of 64 – bit running on a standard PC .


Ques – 6: Whenever I tried to open the or start the game, Citra Immediately crashes. Why ?

Ans – 6 : This issues of crashing of 3DS emulator is caused by your GPU or drivers which are not supporting the open GL 3.3 . You can try by updating to the latest drivers if possible and can verify that either your driver’s control panel or a tool like GOU Caps viewer reports that you are able to use at least open GL 3.3 . If after updating your driver’s the problem still persist then you need to upgrade your GPU for using the Citra.